AddXeco Chain Lube

AddXeco chain oil is biodegradable and has achieved a European Readily Biodegradable Standard (OECD 301F). This is recognised worldwide and achieved an 86% result

Our chain lubrication is made from crude glycerol and, after processing, is a Biodegradable Product. It has achieved the OECD 301F Standard for Readily Biodegradable Oil, which is recognised worldwide and is actually water-soluble.

Chain oil/lube is classed in the Total Loss Lubricants sector so it’s imperative that a Biodegradable oil/lubricant is used to protect our land and streams from pollution. Our oil/lubricant is a totally green product due to it being made from a waste stream which is renewable and sustainable. Most other biodegradable oils are made from vegetable oil which displaces land for food crops to produce the oil and are therefore not totally green.

Although there are many uses for our chain oil, it’s main use is in forestry (harvesters/chainsaws) and agriculture (round balers).

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