AddXeco is used extensively in engines on mining operations. Mining equipment is a mines biggest and most important investment as well as the main cost drivers in any mining activity. Keeping your equipment well maintained will result in output efficiencies.

Service intervals hours will be extended by qualified service personal once they see first hand the reduction in carbon deposits in the fuel system and filters as well as lubrication oils.

Underground Mining operations operate in confined spaces and exhaust emissions place stress on ventilation systems to remove these gases. A reduction in these gases by 35% and a reduction in carbon “smoke” will allow for further savings.

Savings in fuel on mining equipment is overall higher in fixed engines running within a constant range of engine revolutions per minute. However, fuel savings will be realised in all equipment of between 8%-20%. Haulage equipment and transport systems run between    8% – 18%.

It’s IMPORTANT to note that the age of your engine and quality of fuel used is vital in realising savings through the use of AddXeco. AddXeco works best in older engines with fuel quality that is questionable. AddXeco bonds with the molecules in your fuel and restructures the fuel in your tank real-time. AddXeco can be used to “reclaim” fuel that has been “lost” or “contaminated.”  

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