Could AddXeco save Zimbabwe?


Small scale tests have been carried out over the last three months with phenomenal results. The results are influenced heavily by the quality of fuel available in Zimbabwe. Fuel is quality is compromised significantly due to a number of factors including storage and distribution of fuel through plastic containers and drums. With all fuel being in very short supply everyone is storing fuel and fuel is degenerating in quality.

Tests on petrol engine cars are showing a fuel consumption improvement of 14%-18% while diesel engine cars are showing 12%-14% savings. 

Three generators (two petrol and one diesel) are showing significant fuel savings of 18% ,16% and 14%.”These generators are running an extra 3-4 hours on the same tank.”

The shortage of foreign currency is hampering efforts in conducting further tests and with no clear system to pay for the AddXeco product it will only be available to those who can access currency. Testing with local Zimbabwean transporters that carrying regional loads that are able to access foreign currency are underway with great anticipation on results.

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